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  • How do I book a session?
    You can complete the contact me form on my website or email me at I will respond within 24 hrs. (almost always within a few hours)
  • What is included with my session fee?
    Sessions includes either 30 Minutes or 1 hour of “Camera” time
    All digital files, prints & products are sold separately.
    Images edited in my “Digital Darkroom”
    4-6 Weeks (during peak season) after our session your images will be presented to you via an online password protected gallery
    We can schedule a Phone or Skype Call to go over options if you would like.
  • If I purchase the Digital Download option, What will I be downloading?
    All of the Full Size High Resolution Images from your online gallery will be available for you to download.
    A Print Release will be emailed to as well.
    I do not guarantee and will not adjust files when printing at other locations.
    Printing though Jubilee Photography is recommended for the best quality & color
  • How many people can be included?
    Sweet & simple Photo Session includes up to 6 people
    If your group has more than 8 people I do recommend booking The Works session.
  • When should I book my session?
    Beach portrait sessions book very fast for the Summer or “In Season” dates (March to September). It is recommended that you book your session once you book your vacation dates.
    I am available any day of the week, but weekends fill up quickly so the sooner you reserve your spot the better.If you are interested in holiday cards, announcements, invitations, albums, etc., please let me know & allow for four weeks between the session date and delivery.
  • When is my payment due?
    The session fee is NON-REFUNDABLE & due to book any session. All session fees are paid via Credit Card at time of booking. Session Fee is transferable to another date within a year of originally booked date. I try my hardest to get sessions re-booked within the time you are in town. This is why I need a good cell number to call you at while you are in town, just in case we need to rearrange our session
  • Where will my session take place?
    Sweet & Simple Session will ONLY take place at my preferred BEACH location in Destin on Old 98. On occasion I will suggest we move the session to another location because of surf or seasweed. This is another reason I need to have a good cell phone number for you so that I may reach you while you are in town. I have some great beach locations in Destin, Santa Rosa Beach & the 30A area.
    The Works Session can take place at my location, your location or multiple locations.
    NON Beach Sessions – When booking the session we will discuss locations that are available
    Newborn Sessions – Are done on location only. I live about 20 feet from the water’s edge so if you would like to take some of them on the beach please let me know. I LOVE taking babies out to the beach!
  • What time of the day do you shoot?
    I only shoot on the beach at Sunrise or just before Sunset. The actual time of the session will depend on the time of the year you will be here. Please email for exact times.
    These times are to maximize the use of natural light. These times are the best times of the day to take photos on the beach. We are limited due to the very BRIGHT and HOT sun that reflects off the water and white sand. Doing sessions at any other times during the day would cause very bright photos and ALOT of squinting.NON Beach Session are available at numerous times during the day. The exact time will depend on the location and schedule

    For more information please email me.

  • What to wear?
    Your session time can allow for a few “wardrobe changes” so feel free to try out a few looks! This depends on the number of people included in the session. Please feel free to call to discuss options. For newborns, “birthday suits” are best. Favorite blankets, diaper covers, and hats are adorable.For toddlers and older children, solid colors and simple patterns are usually best but cool and trendy is fun too. Tutu’s and capes are also always welcome. For family shots I would recommend a simple & similar overall tone. I normally prefer solid colors to stripes & plaids, this is for your family, do what fits your families personality.

    The most important tip: Be YOU and have FUN! This is your chance to bring out your inner fashionista or show your casual side. Simple and clean is splendid, fun and funky is fantastic. And of course shoes are completely optional.

    ***Note: I know clothing is a very important factor in determining the overall look of your portrait session. If you have any questions at ALL regarding clothing, I would be more than happy to discuss your different options and my preferences with you.

  • What should I bring?
    Ideally, a well rested, well fed, happy child. Since we know that doesn’t always happen as planned, feel free to bring some snacks and a few of your child’s favorite things to help them feel comfortable and enjoy our play date.Pets, lollies, loveys, tutus, capes, umbrellas, instruments – whatever makes you and them happy. Same goes for seniors and adults!
  • Do you have any props?
    Yes, I have a wooden Adirondack chair for small children, sea shells, beach buckets & sail boats that I can bring. I also have a smaller props like a sail boat or buckets for newborns up to 1 year olds. These are props they can sit in. Please make sure to requests these things as I don’t bring them with me to every session.
  • What will my session be like?
    Like a play date for your child.
    Like a fun outing for your family (with paparazzo).
    Like a modeling shoot for your senior or yourself.
  • What if I need to reschedule my session?
    We understand that unexpected things come up especially when you have children. If you need to reschedule, please call us as soon as possible. If your child is unusually cranky or sick, it is better to go ahead and reschedule your session. The session fee can be transferred towards another session on another date as long as you re-book within 12 months from your original appointment time as schedule allows.
  • What if it looks like RAIN?!?!?!?!?!?
    Shhhhh we don’t say that word around here it’s always sunny in Florida! 🙂
    It’s a less than 90% chance of rain at the location we will wait till just before session to see if it’s actually raining. If it’s a 100% chance of rain I still wait till 2-3 hours before the session before calling it off. I have had MANY MANY times that we have called off the session at Noon and then at 5-6pm it was gorgeous on the beach and raining inland.If it does happen to be raining during your session we will figure out the next best time for both of our schedules before you leave to go home. That may mean getting up at sunrise (I know that is usually VERY early but it’s gorgeous & cooler than sunset). If for some reason we can not reschedule during this visit your session fee is transferable to another date within a year of our original date scheduled.
  • What happens after the session? Will you “photoshop” me?
    After your session I will color corrected, brightness adjusted & have some minor editing. If you have a scratch or “boo boo” on your face I will try to edit that on the close ups.
    I will NOT photoshop your hair in every photo to make it look like you’re not on the beach…There is wind and I’ll try to position you in the best possible way to avoid crazy hair.I will not make your tan lines disappear, if you know you are having photos made pick out a shirt that doesn’t show them OR wear a different bathing suit.

    BUT if you order a photo from me to be printed I WILL tweak it for you. If you want smoother skin, to shave off a FEW inches, erase a few fly-aways I CAN AND WILL DO THAT!
    Just remember to let me know before you put in your order!

  • When & What can I expect to see in my online gallery?
    In Four to Six weeks, your images will be available for viewing, ordering & sharing in a private, personalized & password protected online gallery. Feel free to share your password with family and friends so they may also view. There will be a mixture of color & black/white photos within the online gallery.We can then set up a time to talk via the phone or skype to discuss the current collections/specials going on for prints, albums & wall art.