Kaitlyn in 2 – Sunset Beach Birthday Session

Meet Kaitlyn… I honestly love this little angel. I have personally known her mother(Brenda) for almost a decade now and I can say she is literally one the greatest people I have ever met. She is strong, brave, caring, determined, and beautiful inside and out. Her boys are respectful and fine young gentlemen and the same wonderful traits they were raised with are being instilled into Kaitlyn. She is what mothering should be and she sacrifices for those she doesn’t even know. Brenda is an inspiration and I can honestly say my life is better for knowing her and having her in it. I have photographed her baby girl Kaitlyn since she was born and her infectious smile and kissable cheeks are a dream for any photographer. Today, she was wearing her super cute 2 yr old red outfit with white polka dots and matching ribbon. She was a little shy about being near the water but became more comfortable as mom walked her around. Here are just a few shots.







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