Winterblast: My 1st Christian Concert… It ROCKED!!!!

Friday night I went to my first Christian Concert…. It was great. Winterblast was amazing with some amazing artist… Kerrie Roberts, Jason Gray, 33 Miles & Building 429.

I have to say the only reason I went was because I knew 33 miles and their song “One Life to Live” has been a theme song for me the past few years. I am so happy that I did go, I was able to see how amazing these Christian artist are. They all rocked the church. (Never thought I would be saying that about a Church!)

Kerrie Roberts has an AMAZING voice. I just could believe how such a big voice could come from such a petite young woman. She is going places and I can’t wait to see the amazing things God does in her life.

Jason Gray also has a great voice and he was sooo funny on stage. He not only can sing very well but he is also VERY entertaining…. LOL

33 Miles was AWESOME…..I loved them before the concert, I love them even more that I saw them live and I was one of those nerds that got a CD just so I could get their autograph.

Building 429 I don’t even know how to describe how much I love them now….. They have so many songs that just speak to me and then to hear him speak about the earthquake in Haiti and the aftermath that he saw 1st hand was eye opening.

These are just some of the photos I took. I can’t say Thank you enough to Ky, Tami & Erika for hanging out and enjoying the music with me. Love you girls!

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