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The Photography Experience

What will it be?… The giggles you hear from the other room? The pitter-patter of little footsteps across the floor? The twinkle in their eyes and dimples in their cheeks? What will you remember the most as your loving family grows older? What do you say when there are no words to describe the pure love in your child’s smiles? That’s where I help. The art I provide captures these loving moments and fills homes with priceless collections of joyous memories that will warm your family’s hearts for generations to come. This is why It is so important for me to properly prepare for your unique and personal, stylized portrait session.

My session fee is $325.
Most clients invest over $2,500 and payment plans are available for your convenience.
Please read below for more details!

Initial Consultation

First, we will discuss expectations and how to achieve them.

Things like…

  • The do’s and don’ts
  • Wardrobe choices, how “what you wear” flows into the background of your photos
  • Places to shop
  • Hair & Make-Up
  • Location preferences
  • Posing preferences (Casual, Fun, Candid, Posed, etc)

and much more…

I want us to approach this session like we‘ve known each other for years! Your comfort level is very important and how you feel can flow into your images. This is why I take so much care in the preparation of your session and want to make sure all questions and concerns have been answered. It’s going to be great!


Session Pricing


  • A pre-session consultation via phone or in-person to review the session details, expectations, location choices, session attire suggestions, and helpful recommendations to assist us in getting the best images possible.
  • 30-60 minute shooting time at a pre-determined location. (A mandatory travel fee is required for locations further than 5 miles from the Friendswood Texas or Destin Florida city limits.)
  • An in-person ordering session within 2 weeks of your session where 20-30 minimum images will be presented for your ordering convenience.

 Prints Start At $85

Collections Start At $825

Most clients invest over $2,500 and payment plans are available for your convenience.


The Big Reveal

Don’t worry. I have a good supply of tissues available!

This is the happiest and most exciting part of our journey.

This is when you experience the culmination of our pre-session consultation, attire and location decisions, the photography session, and finally the collection choice.

This is where life becomes art that will bless the walls of your home and become heirlooms for your entire family. Laugh, cry, or smile until it hurts.

It’s meant to make you feel the love your family has and now it is immortalized forever. It’s your legacy!


As time flows and families grow, I’m here for you. Clients return year after year to capture the beauty of the blessings in their lives and want to hold onto those memories forever. That’s why I take the time to know your family, your style, your likes, and dislikes. We form a friendship that transcends the normal photographer / client relationship. When we do a session, it’s like old friends getting together for some good times and fun in the sun. I will help you with your legacy and tell your story by building off previous sessions and expanding with new and wonderful art that will grace the walls of your home and your family’s homes.

What we build here today will not be gone tomorrow. You can rest assured that together we will tell the greatest story ever told and it all starts with the decision to act. I’m ready, are you?

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